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Carpenters’ guild at the annual general meeting in Wermsdorf

The annual general meeting 2018 of the carpenters’ guild Leipziger Land and Muldental took place at the Thiele Glas plant in Wermsdorf.

Thereby 21 attendees participated within the premises of the newly build administration building in Wermsdorf. Matthias Graichen, chairman of the guild, organized this event in order to turn this annual meeting into something extraordinary with a quite special practical relevance. The participants were to be conveyed how diverse the material glass is and how much the applications have changed and enhanced within the last years. As an introduction, Tobias Brion, team leader sales in Wermsdorf, held a company presentation and presented the product portfolio of Thiele Glas. During the subsequent tour, the production was shown and the carpenters gained an inside about the refinement of flat glass. That way, a deeper understanding for the production processes within the glass industry and the broad spectrum of potential applications were to be conveyed. In doing so, the knowledge of the carpenters was expanded, thanks to Thiele Glas, because in everyday life, this profession only deals with the end products but not with their manufacturing.