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Spotlight on roof glazing and designer partitions refined with TG-PRINT

The entrance out of cooper shimmers in the setting sun. The Turkish crescent with star shines bright. Since October 2012, the Republic of Turkey is presented by a new embassy in the Berlin Tiergarten. The approximately 30 million Euro building is the largest Turkish agency abroad all over the world. Right in the middle of the historic embassy quarter decorate flags in Girih design the building facade and are reminiscent of ornaments from the Orient. At the same time they offer perfect camouflage. The deisgn of the building was made by the architects Volkmar Nickol, Felipe Schmidt und Thomas Hillig. Due to the unique architecture concept, they have succeeded in creating also an optical connection between the Orient and the Occident.

The sixteen meter high coppery entrance points the way to visitors in an elongated foyer, which has an impressive glass façade. This part of the building, called the ‘Bosporus’, combines the other two elements of the building, ‘City’ and ‘Palace’. In the so called ‘Palace’ the diplomat welcomes its guest’s and the ‘City’ is the place where the approximate 100 employees of the Embassy work. The inside of the complex is suffused with light and mirrors the sun of the Mediterranean area. This lightness is ensured by <link internal-link internal link in current>TG-THERM®sun out of the temperable coating SKN 154 II, which was used for the entire roof glazing. Additionally the double insulating glass units of Thiele Glas provide ideal sun protection.

A modern interior design arrange the partitions out of the laminated safety glass <link internal-link internal link in current>TG-PROTECT®- TVG, which were mounted on an entire surface of 1,950 square meters. The twofold safety glass reduces, in case of glass breakage, the risk of injury considerably. The oriental design of the exterior façade is also picked-up for the roof glazing and the interior. Due to the screen printing technique <link internal-link internal link in current>TG-PRINT, Thiele Glas makes these glasses a real eye catcher. The color coat is extremely imperishable as well as distinguished by its high scratch and weather resistance.

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Title of object:Turkish Embassy
Object type:

Office and administrative buildings

Building project:         New construction
Construction period:     2009-2012
Customer:Republic of Turkey
Executing company:JET Tageslicht & RWA GmbH, Hüllhorst,
Ferrolight Glasbau GmbH,Waldheim, OT Meinsberg
Architect:nsh Architekten, Berlin
General contractor:ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN GmbH, Berlin
Glass types:

<link internal-link internal link in current>TG-THERM®sun SKN154II and <link internal-link internal link in current>TG-PROTECT®-TVG with <link internal-link internal link in current>TG-PRINT

Glass volume:

1,950 m2 <link internal-link internal link in current>TG-PROTECT®-TVG
1,200 m2 <link internal-link internal link in current>TG-THERM®sun


Exterior: 3,954 × 1,012 mm
Interior: 2,185 × 2,934 mm


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Photo credits: © Bernadette Grimmenstein