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Thiele Glas is on the move at trade fairs

Trade highlights in November: MUTEC in Leipzig and ARCHITECT@WORK in Berlin

In the following months from November to January Thiele Glas will be represented increasingly on national trade fairs. From 6th to 8th November the medium-sized flat glass processor exhibits on the <link>MUTEC, the international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology, for the first time. Key aspects of the MUTEC are, inter alia, museum architecture, construction and furnishing as well as exhibition presentation and organization. Thiele Glas uses the international expert conference to demonstrate available opportunities for designing museums with glass: From showcases and cabinets of <link _blank internal link in current>anti-reflective glass, <link _blank internal link in current>digital printed glazing for information boards and decorative wall panels to <link _blank internal link in current>design glasses which set fascinating accents in exhibition halls. The trade fair will be accompanied by an extensive framework program on the theme ‘museum 2020 – the modern museum and the impact of digitalization’. Additionally there are workshops, product presentations and lectures on current topics of the industry.


At almost the same time, from 5th to 6th November, the <link _blank internal link in current>ARCHITECT@WORK fair takes place in Berlin, on which Thiele Glas is allowed, after committee decision-making, to present itself for the second time. At the exclusive and leading expert event for architects and engineers only products and innovations which offer visitors additional benefits and prospects will be introduced. Following the success of 2013, Thiele Glas already took place in Rotterdam with a shared exhibition stand for the first time as well as in two German metropolises, Berlin and Stuttgart (3rd to 4th December). This fair will focus on stylish glass opportunities for exterior areas. High-quality refinement processes, product combinations and large-surface panes up to 3.21 x 9.30 meter offer unique application and design possibilities for interiors and exteriors. Individual special solutions for architects and planners will become feasible with Thiele glass.



You are interested in one of the two trade fairs? Feel free to request quickly your personal and free ticket code from our marketing department:


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You have missed the previous events or unfortunately no time at the moment? Please simply visit one of the coming events with Thiele Glas in December or January.

<link _blank internal link in current>ARCHITECT@WORK, Stuttgart<link _blank internal link in current>  03.-04.12.14
<link _blank internal link in current>BAU, Munich<link _blank internal link in current>      19.-24.01.15
<link _blank internal link in current>LivingKitchen, Cologne<link _blank internal link in current>  19.-25.01.15  



You will find further information on present, coming and recent events in the category events under menu item <link _blank internal link in current>‘news’ at any time.

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