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Title candidate also sets new accents in (glass-)construction

This year was exciting for football fans: In addition to the German national league, the DFB finals and of course the international competitions took place again. 

The English Premier League is considered one of the strongest leagues in Europe. It's no coincidence that the finals of the international competitions are purely English duels. Being among the top four in this strong league, is an excellent season result. Especially if you can crown it with the first Champions League final. Tottenham Hotspur did it this year. 

But that’s not all the London club is enthusiastic about: A few weeks ago, the Experience Center was opened in front of the newly built stadium. The glass cube in front of the entrance area is one impressive feature. It is made of TG-PROTECT® with a length of over twelve meter. In addition, glass fins made of TG-PROTECT® SGP were used on the inside to ensure stability without restricting the view. With these glass façade the club shows that it wants to reach high up, but also the faces of the players through LED screens placed behind them. 

Further, solar protection insulating glass was installed in the façade of the building, which also has a height of over 12 meters and thus forms a continuous glass front from the floor to the roof. 

In addition to the ticket and fan shop, the new Experience Center is also home to a cinema, a café and a club museum, making it an absolute magnet for spectators. It could hardly be designed more inviting than with the glass cube through which the players greet the visitors.

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