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Latest screen-printing highlight of Thiele Glas

By the help of screen-printing and enameling flat glass always becomes a design piece. At Thiele Glas the customer has the opportunity to choose from a large selection of standard motifs and colors. However, one more motif was initially presented in various combinations at the LivingKitchen: ‘Fancy’.

The new fascinating effect in the field of screen-printing and enameling provides what its name promises. The premier at the LivingKitchen in Cologne 2015 has shown that the design attains people. On steles and samples exhibition visitors could marvel at the motif and gave our stand staff a lot of positive feedback.

The design itself enables different implementations and thus it can perfectly be adjusted to individual visions. The customer hast the choice between positive and negative print, known to many in the photography. Also in terms of color the options are manifold because every ceramic color may be used for the special design. The display of different degrees of transparency is an additional available special feature. Beautiful effects in transparency printing allows empirically the design ‘fancy positive’ on satin-finished glass. Hereby a particular pigment paste which has the same effect like acid-polished etching is used. However, it is also possible to print the normal etching shade which then will appear brighter than the satin-finished surface itself.

The application is particularly suitable for doors. But also on partitions or design elements the new screen-printing highlight has an especially strong effect.

<link _blank internal link in current>TG-PRINT and TG-EMAILLE means that ceramic ink is applied to glass by means of screen or roller printing technique and along further processing to <link _blank internal-link internal link in current>TG-TVG®, <link _blank internal-link internal link in current>TG-ESG® or <link internal-link internal link in current>TG-ESG®-H it is permanently burned into the glass. This extremely imperishable color coating is characterized by high scratch and weather resistance.