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Outstanding partners: Glass painting company Peters

Thiele Glas is not the only company that knows, that glass is also an art element next to being a construction element.

Again and again, our partners of glass painting, Peters, display the art of glass on a whole new level. Therefore senior partner Wilhelm Peters, was awarded with the culture price 2017 of the town of Paderborn. He is leading the glass painting company Peters in its 3rd generation, which his son recently joined, and will continue the family tradition. During the laudation, a long standing companion, emphasized that Wilhelm Peters was able to position his company globally and demonstrated loyalty to the location without proving provincial limitedness. Peters would like to forward the prize money in the amount of 5,000 Euro, to his employees.

We salute and congratulate our partner on receiving this award.

You can find impressions about our shared finished project in our references – the Airport of Hong Kong.