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Thiele Glas expands company fleet

Large projects also require large, professional logistics. For this reason, Thiele Glas has relied on its own high-performance fleet of vehicles from the very beginning.

Especially for XXXL glasses, it is necessary to pay special attention to the logistics. In addition to classic trucks, enclosed semitrailer trucks with integrated cranes enable flexible loading and unloading of glass panes with particularly high weights. Even glass panes with especially large dimensions are no obstacle for Thiele Glas. This is where the internal loader comes into play, transporting the glass elements safely to the customer. 

In order to continue to be on site reliably and quickly for a wide variety of projects both nationally and internationally, Thiele Glas has now expanded its vehicle fleet even further. Three new trailers will be available to the logistics team in the future. These shine in the company colors and are now in use to supply projects with a wide variety of glass. 

Thiele Glas is proud of the expansion of the company fleet and to be able to offer all customers even more individual delivery options.