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Unique display cabinets and bell jars made of Thiele Glas products

With a large number of different display cabinets Thiele Glas presented itself initially at the MUTEC, the international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology, in the beginning of November 2014.

With the exhibited tri-dimensional glass structures, especially used for museums, exhibition halls and store constructions, goods and exhibits can perfectly be presented. In order that they harmoniously fit in each room, they have to meet various requirements. The display cabinet should e.g. have a preferably low-reflection insight to the exhibits and at the same time ideally protect against damage and unauthorized access.

As manifold as the processing and refinement capabilities, are also the fields of application for glass in the showcase construction. Whether if, wall-mounted, built-in or free-standing display cabinets: size, form, color and degree of transparency of the glass applications can individually be adapted to your needs. Thiele Glas leaves nothing to be desired by the help of uv-bonding of glass panes to frameless connected glass corpuses.

In order to achieve an unrestricted, free view of the product, display cabinets made of one or booth-side anti-reflective glass <link _blank internal link in current>TG-PROVIEW and TG-PROVIEW-AR can be installed. By a special coating the reflection of these glasses is reduced to a minimum in comparison to standard glasses.

For museums and store constructions Thiele Glas regularly produces glass showcases, such as those for the Leica Museum at the headquarters of the Leica Camera AG in Wetzlar. For this project various exhibition showcases out of laminated glass <link _blank internal link in current>TG-PROTECT® with 2 × 4 mm low-iron glass and TG-ESG® were produced in cooperation with IMA International. Additionally more than 60 bell jars out of 12 mm TG-PROTECT® and connected by light-curing uv-bonding were produced by Thiele Glas.

You will find more information and project details on the corresponding <link internal link in current>reference page. There you also find the project flyer for downloading.

Copyright of images: © Leica Camera AG | Oliver Richter, © Timothy Hursley Photography, courtesy of ClickNetherfield Limited, © David Copeman Photography, used with the permission of The Arctic Studies Center at the Anchorage Museum, Alaska.  Courtesy of ClickNetherfield Limited