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Unique extension of Thiele Glas‘ vehicle fleet

The Thiele Glas company group is well known for constant innovation. The latest one relates to the company-own fleet, a closed semi-trailer with an integrated crane, which is on the roads throughout Europe since 14th September 2015.

In its performance the semi-trailer is, according to the body manufacturer, a unique project in the glass industry so far. The vehicle was jointly designed and developed during a period of 9 months: Though the main challenge to the implementation was the adjustment of the crane size, which should perfectly fit under the tarp.

In contrast to the most common mobile crane, which only could mount loads of 1,500 kg the integrated crane can lift up around 4,700 kg. At the maximum jib length of six meters the crane is still able to mount up to 2,550 kg. Despite the assembly on the semi-trailer, the crane is still movable. A sliding system in the drop center allows the mobility over the entire vehicle length, in the front as well as in the back. Due to the foldable plane system, the loading area of the semi-trailer can be closed and opened entirely. Therefore the glasses are well protected during transport on the one hand and for the unloading process on the other hand, the crane gets enough space to top and sides for slewing.

Another advantage resulting from the properties of the semi-trailer is a hassle-free delivery to Switzerland and Scandinavia because the limitations for portable cranes are now no longer applicable.

‘We are proud to enlarge our fleet of vehicles by such an unique semi-trailer and thereby to offer our customers more possibilities to deliver` says logistics manager Michael Jentzsch.


Technical data of the new semi-trailer with integrated crane:


·       length: 16.5 m (closed), 19 m (when roof is opened)

·       loading capacity: 20 tons of glass



·       moveable in drop center

·       rotatable up to 180°

·       maximum load bearing capacity: 4,700 kg (at an jib length of 3.4 m)

·       maximum jib length: 6 m (load bearing capacity in this condition 2,550 kg)

·       disassembly of the crane possible